Before you begin on your journey, here is a little information about mine

About Myself

Terry Thompson, Wholistic Health and Wellness Practitioner. I have 40 years of experience in healthcare. I am a Reiki master/ teacher, aromatherapist, flower essence practitioner, and hypnotherapist. The inspiration for my faith-based healing practices began with my childhood exposure to the work of my paternal great grand mother a prayer warrior, traditional healer and midwife. As well as Oral Roberts televangelist and founder of City of Faith Medical and Research Center. The City of Faith is based on healing the whole person by combining prayer and medical treatment. Building upon that inspiration, I studied various forms of traditional, complimentary and alternative medicine, bringing diversity to my areas of expertise. The turning point was in 2003 when I was diagnosis with sarcoidosis (a potentially fatal inflammatory disease which affects the immune system). The most difficult part of the disease is that no one knows what you are experiencing because you look good on the outside while in pain on the inside.The pain is physical, spiritual, mental and emotional.This was my season of change. Believing that the limitations of my beliefs had created this disease. I was challenged to not depend on the doctors and medication alone but take responsibility and participate in my healthcare.The journey to wellness began with a wholistic approach. The desire to be made whole. Whole in my mind body and soul. I connected with my spiritual path and activated my body's natural ability to heal itself. I am committed to assisting others connect with their divine purpose and live according to gods design. I uses the diversity of my experiences and expertise to inspire others to expand their opportunities to live a healthier and happier life. I now promotes health and wellness through workshops, retreats, speaking engagements and individual consultations.